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The Art of Nick Cardy

The Art of Nick Cardy by John Coates (foreward by Mark Evanier, afterward by Kurt Busiek) sets a new standard in "Art of" books. The book is probably one of the best "Art of" book done in comics. Not because the book is about Nick Cardy. Even though Nick deserves and his work demands such a book. This is why it's such a great book...

The interview. Expanded since John Coates' interview with Nick appeared in Comic Book Marketplace 48, combined with a more recent interview. The interview includes how Nick started drawing, the Eisner/Iger studio, how Nick got his 2 Purple Hearts in World War II, Tarzan, Congo Bill, Daniel Boone, Bat Lash, Teen Titans and more.

There are illustrations throughout the book as you would expect. This book shows a full span of Nick's artistic career. It's great to see some of Nick's early comic work, drawings during World War II, movie poster work, advertising pieces, Western paintings, caricatures and even covers to crossword puzzle magazines. Sometimes you see non-comic work by comic book artists and it just looks like it was done by a comic book artist. This is not true of Nick.

Richard Howell's essay tries to nail down why Nick's art is so great. Not an easy undertaking. Personally I don't know exactly why I love Nick's work so much (besides that he draws great girls). But one thing I know for sure, I can't imagine any cover or story being drawn in a way other than the way Nick did it!!

Jon B. Cooke's interview with Nick about Brave and Bold 91 and 92 (Batman/Black Canary and Batman/Bat Squad). This interview touched on Teen Titans 13 (the Christmas story) but it is closer to a page by page, panel by panel discussion of B&B 91 and 92. These are 2 great issues by Bob Haney and Nick. If you love these stories, you'll have an even greater appreciation after reading the interview.

There are tributes from his contemporaries like Julius Schwartz, Carmine Infantino and Joe Kubert. And fans (now professionals you know) like, Tony Isabella, Mark Waid and Charles Vess.

The book ends with a definitive index of Nick's comic book work starting from the 1940's. Just when I thought I knew Nick drew a lot of comics, I find out I'll have to add to my wantlist.

So buy the book. You'll get more out of it than most "Art of" books and "sketchbooks" by comic artists.

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Online sneak peek and more reviews.

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