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Romance covers
The romance covers highlighted Cardy's ability to draw beautiful girls.

Falling in Love 79 has a link to the 12 page story pencilled and inked by Cardy.

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Falling in Love 79
Falling in Love 112
Falling in Love 113
Falling in Love 119
Falling in Love 120
Falling in Love 137
Girls' Love 139
Girls' Love 143
Girls' Love 145
Girls' Love 148
Girls' Love 151
Girls' Love 166
Girls' Romance 120
Girls' Romance 144
Girls' Romance 147
Girls' Romance 148
Girls' Romance 153
Girls' Romance 154
Heart Throbs 138
Super DC Giant 17
Young Love 74
Young Love 107
Young Romance 157
Young Romance 163
Young Romance 187

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