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This copyright information below is assumed to be correct. Any corrections are welcomed.

Fight Comics, Jungle Comics and Kaanga Comics are copyright Fiction House.

Senorita Rio is copyright Fiction House.

The Spirit and Lady Luck are copyright Will Eisner.

Tarzan is copyright The Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

Crazy Magazine is copyright The Marvel Comics Group.

True Love is copyright Eclipse Comics.

Lost Worlds, Intimate Love, New Romance and Thrilling Romances are copyright Standard Comics.

The Street Fighter is copyright New Line Cinema.

The Night They Robbed Big Bertha's is copyright Scotia American.

Meatballs II is copyright Tri Star Pictures.

Movie Movie is copyright Warner Brothers.

Bad News Bears in Breaking Training is copyright Paramount Pictures.

Star Wars is copyright Lucasfilm Ltd.

The Super-Jocks is copyright Joseph Brenner Associates, Inc.

All in the Family is copyright Norman Lear.

Columbo is copyright Universal Pictures.

Aqualad, Aquaman, Bat Lash, Batman, Bat Squad, Black Canary, Congo Bill, The Flash, Kid Flash, Jimmy Olsen, Mera, Plastic Man, Robin, Sgt. Rock, Speedy, Superman, Teen Titans, Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman, Action Comics, The Brave and the Bold, Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love, DC Special, Detective Comics, Falling in Love, Girls' Love, Girls' Romance, Ghosts, Heart Throbs, House of Mystery, House of Secrets, The Legends of Daniel Boone, PLOP!, Secret Origins, Superman Family, Tales of the Unexpected, Witching Hour, World's Finest, Young Love, Young Romance, 100 Page Giant and the DC bullet logos are copyright DC Comics, Inc.

Unless otherwise noted, all displayed artwork is copyright DC Comics, Inc.

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