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Nick Cardy Cover Recreations

Besides commissions, Nick is also doing cover recreations of his many, many, many covers. Except for Teen Titans 23 (THE Wonder Girl cover), Nick will not recreate any cover more than one time. Nick has done recreations as large as 18" x 24". Each recreation takes about 3 weeks of work to complete.

Your cost will depend on the cover you want Nick to recreate, the size of the recreation, the medium (pencil, pen and ink, etc.) color or b/w, tonal, etc.

Currently available is an inked and colored recreation of Flash 225. It is a bit larger than 18" x 24". You can view a scan of the published cover (not the recreation) below (click for a larger image). The black and white tonal pencil version of Teen Titans 23 has been sold.

For more information about commissions or cover recreations, e-mail Nick's agent, Spencer R. Beck of the Artist's Choice. Tell Spencer you heard it here..