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Nick Cardy Art Primer

It is close to impossible to list all of Nick Cardy's comic art credits.

Except for the early issues of Aquaman and Teen Titans, these nicely drawn issues should be easy to find. Get them in any condition!!!

Check out these Cardy Classics!!!

  • Aquaman 1 - 39 (DC) - Adventures of the Sea King. This series had well drawn and very colorful covers. Number 11, Mera, Aquaman's beautifully drawn future wife first appears.
  • Bat Lash 1 - 7 (entire series, DC) and Showcase 76 (1st Bat Lash, DC) - In Cardy's western series, he made all the panel borders with thick lines and rounded corners. Occasionally the bad guys were drawn in a cartoonish style while everyone else was drawn in a non-caricaturish style.
  • Brave & Bold 91, 92, 94, 95 and 96 (DC) - Batman with Black Canary, Sgt. Rock, Bat Squad, Plastic Man and Teen Titans respectively. Number 91, the Black Canary issue is especially good, even if the Black Canary doesn't appear in but a couple of pages, Dinah Lance (her alter ego) is gorgeously drawn.
  • Teen Titans 1 - 43 (DC), especially 16 and 28, except 6 (by Bill Molno/Sal Trapani), 8 (by Irv Novick/Jack Abel), 18 (by Bill Draut), 19 (Gil Kane/Wally Wood). In number 16, Cardy creates a number of cool effects. Number 28 is the first part of a two part story, Cardy goes psychedelic!!! The story doesn't hold together very well in number 29, but get it so you know how the story ends. Note, on several issues Cardy served as inker for Irv Novick, Lee Elias, Neal Adams, Gil Kane, George Tuska and Art Saaf. Even so, Cardy's inking maintained the Cardy look of the Teen Titans. Thanks to The Official Teen Titans Index 1 - 2 for some information.
Here are other great Cardy works but they're harder to find:
  • Congo Bill 1 - 7 (entire series, DC) - Cardy does the jungle!!!
  • Gang Busters 65 (DC) - "Swamp Dragnet".
  • House of Mystery 97 (DC) - "The Alien Who Changed History".
  • House of Mystery 96 (DC) - "The Map of Menace".
  • House of Mystery 84 (DC) - "The 100-Century Doom".
  • House of Mystery 76 (DC) - "Prisoners of the Tiny Universe".
  • House of Mystery 71 (DC) - "Prisoners of the Golden City".
  • House of Secrets 40 (DC) - "The Secret of the Enchanted Shell".
  • Intimate Love 20 (Standard) - "Chained to My Past", also reprinted in True Love 1 (Eclipse).
  • Lady Luck - Spirit Sections 5/18/41 - 2/22/42 (Will Eisner) - publication dates according to Comic Book Price Guide by Robert M. Overstreet.
  • Legends of Daniel Boone 1 - 8 (entire series, DC) - Cardy does the great frontier!!!
  • Lost Worlds 5 (Standard) - "World's Apart", also reprinted in Seduction of the Innocent 4 (Eclipse).
  • National Lampoon 9/74 (National Lampoon, Inc.) - "Batfart Comics", written by PJ O'Rourke.
  • National Lampoon 11/75 (National Lampoon, Inc.) - "Trail of Tiers", written by Brian McConnachie.
  • New Romances 13 (Standard) - "Two-Timer", also reprinted in True Love 2 (Eclipse).
  • Adventures Into Darkness 7 (Standard) - "The Dancer from the Beyond", also reprinted in Seduction of the Innocent 2 (Eclipse).
  • Tales of the Unexpected 54 (DC) - "Captives of the Claw".
You'll find even more of Nick's work listed in The Art of Nick Cardy.

If you know of any other comics by Nick Cardy, let me know.

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