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What's New??

Major changes to www.NickCardy.com will be listed here.

  • 11/7/04 - Added The Super-Jocks movie poster to the Rare Cardy section. Added Legion of Super-Heroes 1 cover to the First Issue Special wing of the Gallery section. Seeking original art
  • 10/8/04 - It's been a while... Added a 1953 Gulf Oil tutorial on parallel parking to the Rare Cardy section. Added all of Nick's Crazy Magazine covers to the Gallery section.
  • 8/20/01 - Enjoy the "new look" for www.NickCardy.com.
  • 5/26/01 - Added the Rare Cardy section of really hard to find Cardy art.
  • 4/13/01 - Added a lot of DC Romance covers to the Cardy Gallery. Added a link to the Falling in Love 79 story drawn by Nick.
  • 12/14/00 - Restored the Links page .
  • 12/12/00 - Started adding comments to some covers featured in the Cardy Gallery. Here's an example.
  • 7/23/00 - Added several magazines from the 1980's to the Reference section.
  • 7/16/00 - The Cardy Gallery images now open in a new browser window.
  • 3/5/00 - Added DC Romance covers to the Cardy Gallery to correct an oversight of Cardy's work on these covers.

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